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General Software Capabilities

-Fully quadruple touch screen software (English, Arabic, Turkish, Kurdish) with easy to use interface.
-Unlimited product definition and customization capabilities.
-Unlimited definition of subscribers, agents, hostesses and desks.
-Issue of Farsi and English invoice with possibility of discount, cost of service, container, courier, value added etc.
-Definition of food manufacturing formula to reduce raw materials from warehouse and waste management.
-Ability to define proprietary slogans and print on customer bills and clearing with other common international currencies.
-Purchase of semi-manufactured and semi-manufactured raw materials or withdrawal from the warehouse.
-Introducing Charging and Discount Cards for V.I.P customers
-The possibility of introducing special occasions and days to the system for reminders on the same day or time.
-Ability to settle cash or non-cash and credit with any customer.
-Subscriber turnover and customer tasting and display of latest customer purchases.
-Print a mailing label for each subscriber for advertising.
-Create a custom menu for each subscriber to prevent cashier’s mistake.
-Daily and periodic daily sales report.
-Sales report to each customer in whole or periodic.
-Reports of sales of specific branches, commodities and groups periodically.
-Ability to record user modifications for management control.
-Includes 3D graphics and animated reports.
-Use the warehouse software independently with the possibility of receipt and remittance and card warehouse.
-Determine the security level of the system in a layered and detailed way.
-Generation of types of reports and reports by the internal system builder.
-Possibility of two-stage clearing for customer, desk, waiter, courier.
-Manage the lounge with the possibility of booking and registering the desk and -stewardess and allowing the steward to connect.
-Simultaneous printing of the kitchen printer, customer’s receipt, deliverer and food group with the option of making notes on each item.
-Label printing and food stamps for packaging, barcode production or product.

Aryana Restaurant Software
Aryana Restaurant Software
Aryana Restaurant Software

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